Monday, March 23, 2009

Featured Member: The Dog House

Hi, I’m Jane! I live in the countryside in South East Scotland with partner, Martin, my cat, Angie, & my 2 greyhounds, Max & Molly. Both dogs are ex-racers but are now very much enjoying their retirement, much of which seems to be spent on our sofas!

Inspired predominantly by greyhounds (in particular by my own 2 needle-noses), I make unique hand printed items, which I sell online in my Etsy shop, The Dog House, as well as at local craft fairs & events. I think the sleek lines & graceful (& at times not so graceful!) poses of greyhounds make striking prints.

After capturing the dogs on camera, I convert the original photographs to monochrome images which I then use to make screen prints. I like experimenting with bold colour combinations & captioning in my work. I donate 5% of the profits from each sale to Gracehounds, a small local charity run entirely by volunteers & dedicated to finding permanent homes & a better life for greyhounds & lurchers.

You can find out more about me, my dogs & my work on my blog, or follow me on twitter to catch my latest updates.

Monday, March 2, 2009

March & April Charity of the Month

The group of the month for March is:
Guam Greyhounds - working to rescue greyhounds in distress


Guam Greyhound Park closed in November 2008, releasing up to 150 dogs to an uncertain future. Guam Animals in Need (GAIN) and the Greyhound Protection League with the help of numerous rescue groups in the U.S. are working to relocate and find permanent homes for these dogs. Many have been helped so far, but many more are out there depending on you to help them avoid a cruel fate.

100% of the items in the H4H store will go to Guam Greyhounds. Pictured is one of the hounds they found after the track gave them away indiscriminately - please read their story on the Guam Greyhounds website.