Sunday, December 1, 2019

Charity of the Month: National Greyhound Foundation, December 2019

SHOPPING HERE HELPS HOUNDS! This month, ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to National Greyhound Foundation in Homosassa, Florida

For over 25 years, the National Greyhound Foundation’s mission statement has been to rescue, adopt, and educate the public about racing greyhounds and other abused people and animals.

We have always been NEUTRAL about Greyhound racing, but NOT NEUTRAL about animal cruelty or abuse to anyone, human or animal.

In 2010 the need to keep overflow retired greyhounds was desperate.  When the call was sent out to organizations for help, the Dept. of Corrections in numerous states answered.  And the 2nd Chance at Life Greyhound and Prison Partnership program was created. It was a win-win situation for everyone, people and these greyhounds.  Years later, we can point with pride at the thousands of greyhounds and “throw away people” this program has given a 2nd Chance at Life to!

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It's easy to help - just visit our Etsy shop and purchase anything during the month of December. Please visit our ABOUT US page for more information.  Since 2008, we have raised over $45,000 for sighthound rescue.  All goods in the H4H shop are donated by Etsy artists and crafters to help this cause. Now offering FREE SHIPPING for orders over $35.00!