Sunday, August 7, 2011

Charity of the Month: August

This August all proceeds, minus fees, will be donated to Greys Landing Greyhound Placement

Greys Landing Greyhound Placement was formed in 2008. We are a 501©3 tax-exempt adoption group incorporated in WV. We are one of only a few pro-racing Greyhound adoption groups in the U.S. We are the first and so far the only Greyhound adoption group that is a member of the National Greyhound Association.

Our purpose is to find loving forever homes for many of the Greyhounds who are retiring from the tracks and farms in WV. We have also been known to take in older Greyhounds from the farms in the mid-west, younger "racing school flunk-outs" and the occasional "bounce" that was originally placed without the backup of an adoption group. Greys Landing places Greyhounds in homes in PA, WV, OH, NY and the surrounding area. We work closely with the owners, breeders and trainers of the dogs that we place as well as with other adoption groups in the north-east US