Thursday, June 6, 2013

Charity of the Month: June

SHOPPING HERE HELPS HOUNDS! This month ALL PROCEEDS, minus fees, will be donated to

SAGE (Save A Galgo Español)

SAGE is a recently started organization founded to raise awareness and make a difference in the lives of the closest relative of the greyhound, its cousin the galgo Español. They are located between Harrisburg and Gettysburg in South Central Pennsylvania.

Their main goal is to educate the American people about the situation of the Spanish galgo by giving seminars and through use of the internet. While open to work with other rescues in Spain, their closest connection at this moment is with Asociación BaasGalgo, working in areas known for their cruelty to galgos: Castilla la Mancha and Andalucia.
They also support shelters though fundraising.

While they do not believe that bringing galgos to the US is the answer to the problem in Spain, they try to make an annual trip to one or more shelters in Spain and bring back a few dogs that need homes. They never rule out any dog, including dogs that have specific medical needs, if that can be provided for them here in the US. Typically the dogs chosen for travel to the US are those that have been in the shelter for a longer period of time or stand the least chance of being adopted.

It's easy to help - just visit our Etsy shop and purchase anything during the month of May.  Please visit our website for more information: