Thursday, April 8, 2010

Charity of the Month: April

We raised $233.99 for St Louis REGAP in March. Hooray!

This month's group is Greyhound Adoption of Ohio (GAO)

Greyhound Adoption of Ohio is the largest and oldest greyhound adoption organization in the state of Ohio. At the time of our inception, in 1993, greyhounds were rarely seen in Ohio. Today, you'll see greyhounds nearly everywhere you go. Greyhounds make WONDERFUL pets!

And look what we found at the bottom of their website, a top 10 list we can stand behind! We LOVE It!

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound

  1. They truly know the meaning of retirement.
  2. People will stare at your dog instead of you.
  3. They can curl up into the size of a ball if they need to.
  4. They can expand to the size of a whole bed if they want to.
  5. They don't bark, keeping your neighborhood safe for burglars.
  6. You can play their ribs like an air guitar.
  7. They are the only dogs that know how to really smile.
  8. You can dress them up as reindeer for Christmas.
  9. They are never confused with poodles.
  10. A greyhound in flight is the most amazing sight you'll ever hope to see in your own backyard.

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Mad Red Hare said...

I love that list! But what I love even more is what you do for the hounds!!!