Sunday, September 21, 2008

September & October's Charity of the Month

In August, we raised $116.00 for Colorado Greyhound Adoption.

Our charity group for these two months is Greyhound Gang, chosen by H4H member Kim ( Greyhound Gang is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of ex-racing greyhounds. The founder, Claudia, concentrates G.G. on fundraising for this mission, and also on special needs adoptions. For more information about Greyhound Gang, visit The website has extensive information on adopting greyhounds and how to acclimate them to home life. There is also an online store selling everything from educational booklets, to tshirts, to flowers, all to fund Claudia's quest to help the fabulous greyhound.

We only raised $8 in September for Greyhound Gang, so we are extending through October. You can help by telling all your Greyhound/SightHound friends about the H4H shop!

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